Friday, October 27, 2006

We Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Plugging...

The reviews from Time Out New York and ELJ All Arts Annex are in, with both reviewers seeming to enjoy themselves.

I must say, I am a bit tickled that Trav S.D. seemed to get the biggest kick out of my nasty little bit ("Vagina Dentata").

"An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror, on one level, was a fun evening of entertainment. Stage blood generally makes for a lively experience, especially around Halloween. Upon closer inspection, the show provided a thought-provoking observation — certainly for this reviewer — about our culture's current fascination with pain and gore, and explored the boundaries of what we consider truly shocking."
— Kimberly Patterson; Off Off Online

"For sheer playful fun you could do worse than to make this gory confection your Halloween treat."
— Trav S.D. ; Time Out New York

"Full of mirth and murder, this packed evening is a tasty treat, a guilty pleasure… full of tricks and treats."
— Kessa De Santis; ELJ All Arts Annex

We've got two more shows, folks. Come check it out.

Biting the heads off chickens,

James "Carnival Barker" Comtois


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