Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quotes and Reviews (a "Reviewers' Pick"):
"Not only is Suburban Peepshow a head-spinning cornucopia of pop culture references, but it's also a potent satire of modern suburban malaise, and even the theatre itself. ... If you're in the mood for something different, Suburban Peepshow is the way to go. By thumbing their noses at the status quo with fast, cheap, and sharp humor, Comtois and his colleagues at Nosedive Productions continue to demonstrate why they're a company to keep an eye on."
"...this production, when paired with Comtois's previous work, 'The Adventures of Nervous Boy,' shows he has a fine ear for the dialogue and personal problems of his generation, and a dark sense of humor that is willing and able to exploit them."

New Theatre Corps:
"With all the prancing around of dismembered carnival barkers, the violent sequins of ninja cross-dressers, the cutthroat economy of in-office gladiators, and romantic flings with self-titled characters ('Pool Guy' and 'New Girl'), Suburban Peepshow does succeed in making us laugh."

"How to describe 'Suburban Peepshow,' the latest play from Nosedive Productions? Theatrical is the word that instantly springs to mind. No fourth wall or naturalism from these actors, the audience is very much a part of the show, and they acknowledge that everything is an illusion. Outrageous is another good word. Ridiculous fits, as well. ... Those people who prefer their plays realistic and their plots comfortably traveling from Point A to Point B may not appreciate the shear gleeful absurdity of 'Suburban Peepshow.' However, if you like your theatre with an edge, this is a good show to experience."

"The characters in Suburban Peepshow, James Comtois' sketch comedy run amok, talk as if they live on the Honest Planet. Since comedy is largely about telling the truth, that makes Suburban Peepshow, for the most part, pretty funny. ... A distinctive comic identity is taking shape here."

Hunter's The WORD:
"The new theatre production by the makers of the critically acclaimed 'Adventures of Nervous Boy,' can be a jolting treat to anyone tired of the banal and the monotonous and looking for some wickedly weird evening fun."

And Time Out New York:
Welllll...okay, so they didn't like it so much. But they did say: "Scrappy, endearing energy is everywhere, from playwright James Comtois's entr'-acte boogie to pop-eyed exchanges such as, 'How'd he get in here?' 'Through the fourth wall.'"

NEW! ELJ All Arts Annex:
"Suburban Peepshow is an unapologetically unconventional commentary about the banality of modern society and popular entertainment. ... Once again, I recommend a Nosedive Productions presentation. This time, Suburban Peepshow and Trailers."

Seriously, folks. The theatre is tiny. Get your tickets here.

Blushing from the attention,

James "Bashful" Comtois

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Blogger Zack said...

What's funny is that was our best show to date? I guess she really was the only one not laughing.

8:52 AM  

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