Thursday, May 29, 2008

Colorful World: Three more Chances!

Hey, gang. James Comtois, your favorite after dinner mint here, to let you know that there are now only three more performances left for Nosedive Productions' superhero play, Colorful World.

We here at Nosedive Central are pretty gosh darned proud of this one. I don't think you wanna miss it.

And the 78th Street Theatre Lab is a small space, so get your tickets ASAP!

Your hero,

James "Underdog" Comtois

Photos: Abe Goldfarb (left) as Jeffrey and Christopher Yustin as Johnny Patriot. Jessi Gotta as Tigress. Photos by Aaron Epstein.

It's 2005.

A superhero walks the earth.

The Twin Towers are still standing.

The Iraq War is almost over.

Can the world get any worse?

"...Comtois examines the psychological problems of his uncaped crusaders and lampshades some of the sillier superhero tropes with a fan's nitpicky delight."

"Colorful World is a show that left me entertained and even a little introspective. It made me think a little about what I do in this world to help others. It didn't make me want to dress up in tights and fight crime but it did make me wish we had more heroes. Real heroes.", a Reviewer's Pick!

"Colorful World is above all else just plain entertaining. James Comtois definitely takes the opportunity of a captive audience to make political statements via his opinionated and vocal characters, as well as the choices of the television content projected on the walls, particularly during scene changes, and why not?"
ELJ All Arts Annex

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