Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Theatre is made OUT OF PEOPLE!

Holy crap! Congratulations are in order to this year's batch of's People of the Year!

It's a great list, too! Inductees include buds & co-conspirators The Amoralists Theatre Company, Fred Backus, Zack Calhoon, Richard Hinojosa, John Hurley, Mariah MacCarthy, Michael Mraz, Erin Treadway and Jordana Williams.

Congratulations to you guys and everyone else who have been recognized as people! Huzzah!

Learning that theatre is people,

James "Misanthropic People Person" Comtois

Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Blood Brothers Goodness This Halloween

Hey, folks. To those of you out there who either missed The Blood Brothers present...Raw Feed or just want more delicious depravity from the Brothers Blood, well you're in luck. This Halloween, we here at Nosedive Central are offering a collection of the Blood Brothers' "greatest hits" (so to speak) and a NEW short film for ONE NIGHT ONLY AT THE KRAINE THEATER.

On October 31 at 8pm, Nosedive will be staging The Blood Brothers present...Reanimated at the Kraine Theater on 85 East 4th Street in the East Village.

Details are below. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased here.

Kicking a dead corpse,

James "Hateful Hobbyist" Comtois

* * *

From Nosedive Productions...


Curated by Pete Boisvert & Patrick Shearer



A grown woman relives a tale of childhood terror and gruesome disfigurement. Two schoolgirls are menaced by doggerel-spouting ghouls. And how can you escape when the right answers lead only to pain and madness?

Nosedive Productions is bringing back these and other devilish tales from the vaults of its annual Blood Brothers present... series for a special ONE-NIGHT-ONLY, HALLOWEEN NIGHT EVENT.

In addition to the plays, The Blood Brothers present...Reanimated will also feature a a short film from gotta/enk films.

The Blood Brothers present...Reanimated features nudity and graphic violence and is recommended for adults only.

The Blood Brothers present...Reanimated is playing at The Horse Trade Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street between Second Avenue & Bowery in NYC) on Halloween Night (Wednesday, October 31 @8pm). Tickets are $18 and are available at Brown Paper Tickets.

“For sheer playful fun, make this gory confection your Halloween treat." -Time Out New York

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Hey, gang. Your director to the disturbing, Little Jimmy Comtois here, reminding you that there are only FOUR MORE CHANCES left to catch THE BLOOD BROTHERS PRESENT...RAW FEED.

This year’s show has been playing like gangbusters thus far. Here’s what folks have been saying about it:

"The Blood Brothers have done it again, and if you feel deprived of quality nightmares, then feel free to pay them a visit. Rest assured, they're waiting." -

"If you are a fan of the macabre, smart and daring original works, then you’ll find Raw Feed perfect October fare." - Theatre Is Easy

"The eight plays presented in this edition are all real stories so outre and bizarre they seem fictional (and so tragic you’ll wish they were). I am now officially obsessed." - Trav S.D.

And get $12 tickets for this Wednesday by using the code FEED when buying online.

Again, space is limited, so seats have been filling up. Don’t miss this year’s depravity.



Wednesday, October 10th - Saturday, October 13th


The Brick | 579 Metropolitan Ave | Brooklyn NY

And then don't forget to give us your votes for the NEW YORK INNOVATIVE THEATRE AWARDS.

See y’all at the show.

Making folks feel bad & Creepy inside since 1977,

James “It’s Still Alive” Comtois

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Original to the Core: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Over at gotta/enk films' blog, I wax pretentiously on why I think The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is (as the Teen Girl Squad would say), Soooo good!

This is part of gotta/enk films' campaign to raise funds for its follow-up feature to The Big Bad, META-STASIS.

Contribute to this awesome project, if you can.

Sharing the "wealth,"

James "Moneybags (under the Eyes)" Comtois

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Contribute to the Blood Brothers' IndieGoGo Page

Hey, folks. As you know, this October, the Blood Brothers are back at the brick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a new batch of original horror plays designed to make you feel all gross and bad inside.

And we can't bring our horrific latest, The Blood Brothers present... Raw Feed, to the stage without you.

To keep up with the high cost of buckets of blood, and screaming naked performers of both sexes, we need your help to once again build an event of epic proportions.

We're aiming to raise $3,000 to cover much of our production budget—everything from props, costumes and set-building materials, to dulling down blades, building effects rigs, simulating grievous bodily injuries, and making sure our outstanding and courageous performers can afford to eat. (We never dig too deep into WHAT they might be feeding upon, but we know it costs money.)

And while we put more onstage than most do with a budget TWICE this size, with the ever-increasing costs of living we need YOUR HELP to make it happen.

So if you can, head on over to our IndieGoGo page and kick over a few shekels (as Marc Maron would say) to help fund our particular dark and depraved brand of entertainment.

So thanks again for your on-going support, and see you at the show.

Testing the definition of the word ‘artist,’

James “Artful Dodger” Comtois

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Blood Brothers present...RAW FEED

From Nosedive Productions...

The Blood Brothers present... Raw Feed

October 4 – 13, 2012

At The Brick

579 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211

(between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street)

“For sheer playful fun, make this gory confection your Halloween treat.” —Time Out New York

“A head-crackin’ good time.” —

A gay porn star's insatiable hunger for fame leads to unspeakable acts of violence. A pretty, young contestant will make the mistake of her life if she chooses Bachelor #1. A ventriloquist on Christian television takes communion to a whole new level. When you're always connected, there's nowhere to hide...

These tales and others will make up this year's The Blood Brothers present… horror anthology series.

Since 2006, Nosedive Productions has brought you new, original horror stories live on stage, showcasing a roster of some of indie theatre's most celebrated and beloved authors and artists.

This year, following in the tradition of the original Grand Guignol Theatre, Danny Bowes (Booze, Sports and Romance), Nat Cassidy (Songs of Love: A Theatrical Mixtape), James Comtois (Infectious Opportunity), Stephanie Cox-Williams (The Zombie Project: The Story of Icarus Phoenix), Jessi Gotta (The Big Bad) and Mac Rogers (The Honeycomb Trilogy) have written new stage plays based on stories ripped from the headlines.

Performances: October 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 @ 8PM

Tickets on sale soon.

The Blood Brothers present…Raw Feed features nudity and graphic violence and is recommended for adults only.

Monday, June 04, 2012

The Little One Now Available as E-Book

My play, The Little One, is available for sale for mere pennies over at

Get your copy today!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mac Rogers' Fundamental Contradiction

Over at Larry Pontius' blog, Mac Rogers writes about feeling contradictorily ambitious yet lazy, and shares how he manages to get anything done when the urge to watch an Arrested Development marathon via Netflix becomes nearly insurmountable. Considering I spent last night eating Indian food while watching Arrested Development, I know what Mac is talking about.

Read the entry here.

I’d also tell you to go see BLAST RADIUS, the second amazing installment in Mac’s astounding Honeycomb Trilogy, but that shit’s sold way the hell out. Maybe you can get in by showing up early and making sad puppy dog eyes at whomever’s working box office. I’m seeing it a second time this Saturday. Yes, it's that goddamn good.

Have a good weekend, folks. I may catch you in the meat space.

Ambitious about his TV-watching,

James "Relentless Channel-Surfer" Comtois

Photo by Ben VandenBoom

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Monday, March 26, 2012

We’re goin’ to the park. We’re gonna jam.

Monkeys at the Brick. Two shows left. Don't miss it.

(Video by Gavin Starr Kendall.)

Bringing his kit,

James "Mr. Comtois" Comtois

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Monday, March 05, 2012

Monkeys at the Brick

Nosedive Productions & Impetuous Theater Group

in association with The Brick Theater, Inc.

Presents the play that started it all...


By James Comtois

Directed by John Hurley

Three friends who can't stand each other yet can't function without each other spend all night — just as they do every night — in a 24-hour coffee shop that serves as both a haven and a prison. Nosedive Productions and The Impetuous Theater Group stage the debut absurdist comedy by James Comtois (Infectious Opportunity, The Adventures of Nervous-Boy) about the comforts and horrors of drinking coffee until dawn with the same people each night.

Alexis Black – Pete Boisvert – James Comtois
Shashanah Newman – Gavin Starr Kendall – Brian Pracht
C.L. Weatherstone – Christopher Yustin


Friday, March 23 @8pm

Saturday, March 24 @8pm

Friday, March 30 @8pm

Saturday, March 31 @8pm

At the Brick

575 Metropolitan Ave. in Brooklyn

L or G train to Metropolitan / Lorimer Street

Tickets $18

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