Thursday, June 15, 2006

Front Page of!

We're on the front page of today. Woo-hoo! Now you can see the touched-up photo we decided on.

And on a side note, congratulations to fellow playwrights and theatre bloggers Matthew Freeman and Adam Szymkowicz are in order for their positive write-ups in The New York Times. I'm hoping to see both (I've read Mr. Szymkowicz's play, Nerve and really enjoyed it), since they both run a little longer than Nervous Boy.

Tonight begins our second of three weekends for the show. Back to getting latexed up.

Taking tomorrow off,

James "I Actually Want To SEE

What This Play of Mine Looks Like" Comtois


Blogger Freeman said...

Thanks yet again. I can't wait to check out your show. The review made it sound right up my alley.

2:04 PM  

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