Wednesday, June 04, 2008

At The Brick Film Festival: Suspicious Package

The Fifth Wall

In Association with The Brick Theater


Suspicious Package

An Interactive Noir

written & created by Gyda Arber & Wendy Coyle
with Jason Godbey


Gyda Arber - David Arthur Bachrach - Aaron Baker - Jason Godbey - Ian W. Hill - Heath Kelts - Iracel Rivero - Brandi Robinson - Heather Lee Rogers - Ariana Siegel - Ken Simon

Told via Zune Media Players, the story unfolds as audience members (four at a time) are guided through their roles with both aural and visual cues. Video flashbacks and narrative voiceovers fill in your backstory while maps of locations and your dialogue are displayed on screen. Part theatrical experience, part live video game, Suspicious Package immerses its audience within the gritty chiaroscuro world of film noir, where not everything is black and white.

Suspicious Package is part of The Brick Theater's Film Festival. Performances begin Saturday, June 7. For tickets go here.

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