Monday, October 13, 2008

Week One Down

Well, I think as many people by now know, sigh, yeah, our opening night was...let me be charitable...oh, fuck charity. It was disastrous. Due to last-minute schedule snafus, technical glitches and not getting enough time in the theatre beforehand, things did not run smoothly (to put it mildly) on that opening night.

A lot of shit broke on the stage throughout the evening. Loudly.

I do think, however, the cast did an excellent job covering for it and rolling with the punches, especially Jeremy Goren and Christian Toth with some really good ad-libbing (thanks, guys). And I'm glad that for the most part we had a very forgiving audience that was on our side for that opening (thanks, guys).

Another problem was that we had already pre-sold a number of tickets to people I didn't know, so there was no way to cancel, as we couldn't contact the ticket purchasers and ask them to reschedule (TheaterMania doesn't give us their email addresses or phone numbers, or, if they do, damned if I could find them).

Fortunately, that panic that we all had from opening got us to clean and fix the show way the hell up and by Saturday, we got ourselves a freakin' show (with Friday night being your standard awkward opening-night-style show).

So far, two reviews are up. One is a pretty negative but (alas) very fair review from Backstage (he came on opening night). The other is a very nice review from Mr. Nat Cassidy (who's play, The Reckoning of Kit and Little Boots was one of the best plays I saw this year) at

So, now that we've fixed (and are fixing) the glitches in the show, and that there are folks coming to this show and leaving afterwards with big grins on their faces, I can breathe a little easier and recommend it to folks with a much more straight face.

And I'll be posting some photos up pretty soon.

Inhaling and exhaling with greater ease,

James "Gimme a Cigarette" Comtois

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Blogger Matthew Trumbull said...

Congrats on the write-up. Now you're cookin' with gas! Spooky Gas!

7:40 PM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

Thank you, sir! Spooky Gas. Ha! I like that...

10:50 AM  

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