Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reliving the Gala, Part Two: The Photos

Yesterday, I showed the four videos Ben VandenBoom created for our 10th Anniversary Gala. Today, I'm showing some the photos he's uploaded.

Here are some select photos:

Our incorrigible and excitable host, Bastard Keith.

Sean Williams and Mac Rogers
figure out how to kill Yours Truly
in Mac's aptly-named "Get Jimmy."

Alisha Spielmann and Neimah Djourabchi in
Crystal Skillman's "Ten Year Twilight," bringing
some much-needed tenderness and class to the joint.

Our musical act for the evening, Dye Violets,
comprised of Sarah Engelke and Adam Swiderski.

Christopher Yustin, Rebecca Comtois and Patrick Shearer
in Jeff Lewonczyk's "The Nosedive Decade."

Epic poet Brian Silliman explains to the crowd how
Nosedive may survive another 10 years if we
change our name to "Vampire Cowboys."

Do you really need a caption? I'm sure this had something to do with a script by Qui Nguyen, really kinda speaks for itself, doesn't it?

There are more photos, which I'll give the link for as soon as I find out if the album is public or private. (I know, I know, I should automatically know shit like that, but look: just because I "maintain" a blog, doesn't mean I have any technical know-how, or any desire to gain any.)

In the meantime, you're welcome.

Dropping the mic (on his foot),

James "...ow..." Comtois

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