Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Half-Assed Progress Report on the New Show

Rehearsals for The Little One are now underway, which makes me quite happy and more than a little relieved. That time between casting the show and the first rehearsal is always a particularly frustrating period for me, since there's nothing for me to do except...well, wait to get started.

Our first reading reminded me that we really hit the jackpot with our cast. I think know they're going to do wonders.

I need to send over my final draft to the gang in the next day or dos. Fortunately, the rewrites for this script will most likely only consists of very cosmetic line cuts or additions here and there. In other words, there won't be any structural changes, so Pete and the cast can start work and don't have to wait for me.

I think this goes without saying that the next few blog entries on this site will be stunningly, if not exclusively, of the "self-promotional" variety. But as I said before, I am hoping that they'll still be worth your while to read and offer more substance beyond the gospel of "Buy your tickets already!"

Though, speaking of which, you should.

Not doing a good job of earning your trust,

James "Come Closer" Comtois

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