Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to Monday

Ah, well. Just as this past week flew by, so did this past weekend.

I actually had quite a nice time seeing both Piper McKenzie/The Fifth Wall/Brick Theater's Theater for the Arcade at the Brick on Friday (could I watch Stephen Heskett shoot imaginary fireballs in the air a la Mario and/or Luigi all night? Yes, I believe I could) and The Sophisticates burlesque show at the Oak Room (no, they didn't kick me out; no, I wasn't really appropriately dressed).

But now, we're back to Monday. Insert heavy sigh here.

I was hoping to break the radio silence a lot sooner, as I actually have some pretty cool news to report. Well, cool to me, anyway. It may be completely indifferent news to you. In fact, it most likely is.

However, the ink has yet to fully-dry on said news, so I figure it would be prudent to wait for everything to be all official-like before flapping my cyber-gums.

So, for now, I shall remain quasi-silent.


James "Shitty Cyber-Neighbor" Comtois



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