Friday, March 25, 2011

Yours Truly to Perform Some Sketch Comedy in L.A. This Weekend

Hey, gang. For those of you in the Los Angeles area this weekend, I'll be performing with my ole' college sketch comedy troupe, Slow Children at Play, for a just-fer-the-fuck-of-it reunion show this Saturday at the Complex on 6476 Santa Monica Blvd.

The show's at 8 p.m., with a suggested donation of $10. Booze will be served, yuks will be had.

For the rest of y'all, have a great weekend. I'll hope to see a bunch of you in the New York area at the Thursday night performance of Vampire Cowboys' The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G, a truly stunning piece of work.

Hunting for his boarding pass,

James "Gimme the Pat-Down" Comtois

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