Friday, July 01, 2011

Two Blood Brothers Shows Remain

Hey, gang! Your tantamount to the tantalizing, Little Jimmy Comtois here, reminding you that there are just Two Shows Left for The Blood Brothers Present...FREAKS FROM THE MORGUE, playing as part of EndTimes Productions' Vignettes for the Apocalypse V.

That's right. We're offering disturbing nudity, depraved behavior, severed limbs and spraying blood just two more times - this Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 8pm - at the Kraine Theater on 85 East 4th Street before it goes up into that Great Production in the Sky.

Don't miss what Trav SD considers "by far the best" he's seen of the series. Get your tickets today!

See you there. Bring a poncho.

Rolling around in his own filth like a good theatre person,

James "Subhuman, Playwright, What's the Diff?" Comtois

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