Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The New York Times, Big Vision on Infectious

Though it has more than a few reservations about the script and direction (it is, after all, what one would call a mixed review), The New York Times weighs in on Infectious Opportunity, ultimately giving lead actress Jessi Gotta a whole lotta love:

"Jessi Gotta [is] the best reason to see this drama about a high-flying screenwriter and the appalling secret he hides. … The script gives the best moments to Ms. Gotta, and she makes the most of them. … This story of a writer has several good moments, made all the better when his psyche steps onstage."

We also got a great deal of love from Big Vision Empty Wallet not once, but twice, with both write-ups from two different writers each giving the show an "A."

Anyway, the run's been going quite well, if I do say so myself. Big houses, overall positive reviews, and overall positive responses from audience members.

In short, yeah, I'm happy with how the run is going and want more people to come see what we've done.

We've got two performances left – this Friday at 2pm and this Saturday at 10:15pm – so you have until Thursday afternoon and Friday night respectively to buy your tickets.

Ready to make out with you in the lobby,

James "The Professional Face of Nosedive" Comtois

Photos by Daryl Lathon.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

First Round of Reviews for Infectious Opportunity

Hey, folks! With our first sold out performance of Infectious Opportunity down, some of the reviews are already in - with many being of the "Quite Positive" variety! Huzzah!

"An enjoyable, thought-provoking play brought to life by a very talented team."
-Theatre Is Easy

"A definite must see this FringeNYC."
-New York Theatre Review

"Uses artful storytelling to show ambition at its most twisted and ethics at its lowest level."

Like I said, our opening night completely sold out, so get your tickets now. Our next show's this Thursday at 2 p.m.

Yes, this post is about the current show that's playing. I'll most likely write about the Other Big Thing that happened last week at a later date.

And yes, I know the photo is a bit much, but fuck it. I just couldn't resist. Your mamma.

Some chump who enjoys
validation from strangers,

James "Quietly Needy" Comtois

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