Friday, April 13, 2012

Mac Rogers' Fundamental Contradiction

Over at Larry Pontius' blog, Mac Rogers writes about feeling contradictorily ambitious yet lazy, and shares how he manages to get anything done when the urge to watch an Arrested Development marathon via Netflix becomes nearly insurmountable. Considering I spent last night eating Indian food while watching Arrested Development, I know what Mac is talking about.

Read the entry here.

I’d also tell you to go see BLAST RADIUS, the second amazing installment in Mac’s astounding Honeycomb Trilogy, but that shit’s sold way the hell out. Maybe you can get in by showing up early and making sad puppy dog eyes at whomever’s working box office. I’m seeing it a second time this Saturday. Yes, it's that goddamn good.

Have a good weekend, folks. I may catch you in the meat space.

Ambitious about his TV-watching,

James "Relentless Channel-Surfer" Comtois

Photo by Ben VandenBoom

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