Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Original to the Core: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Over at gotta/enk films' blog, I wax pretentiously on why I think The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is (as the Teen Girl Squad would say), Soooo good!

This is part of gotta/enk films' campaign to raise funds for its follow-up feature to The Big Bad, META-STASIS.

Contribute to this awesome project, if you can.

Sharing the "wealth,"

James "Moneybags (under the Eyes)" Comtois

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Contribute to the Blood Brothers' IndieGoGo Page

Hey, folks. As you know, this October, the Blood Brothers are back at the brick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a new batch of original horror plays designed to make you feel all gross and bad inside.

And we can't bring our horrific latest, The Blood Brothers present... Raw Feed, to the stage without you.

To keep up with the high cost of buckets of blood, and screaming naked performers of both sexes, we need your help to once again build an event of epic proportions.

We're aiming to raise $3,000 to cover much of our production budget—everything from props, costumes and set-building materials, to dulling down blades, building effects rigs, simulating grievous bodily injuries, and making sure our outstanding and courageous performers can afford to eat. (We never dig too deep into WHAT they might be feeding upon, but we know it costs money.)

And while we put more onstage than most do with a budget TWICE this size, with the ever-increasing costs of living we need YOUR HELP to make it happen.

So if you can, head on over to our IndieGoGo page and kick over a few shekels (as Marc Maron would say) to help fund our particular dark and depraved brand of entertainment.

So thanks again for your on-going support, and see you at the show.

Testing the definition of the word ‘artist,’

James “Artful Dodger” Comtois

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