Monday, December 13, 2004

Pre-, Post- and Pre-Production

Again, I’ll make this one brief and without much of a current through-line, since anyone who reads this and knows me knows that Nosedive Productions has a show up right now.

Still, that’s no excuse for me to avoid using this little piece of cyberspace now, is it?

* * *

Our first weekend of A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol has now come and gone.

And it feels GREAT!

For an 11 pm show, we’ve had a great turnout and great audience response. Many thanks to those Dish members (especially Stone Soup) for coming out on that opening night in such shitty weather to see the silliness Nosedive is putting on the stage.

The cast, crew and I had started to forget that this was (is) a funny show (rehearsing many, many times without anyone laughing will do that to you).

I can’t wait for this weekend. I’m almost in a festive holiday mood.

(Of course, that could just be the eggnog talking.)

* * *

I also wanted to just mention that it’s very weird to be having your mind on five or six plays at once, two or three of them unfinished. I’m worrying about this Christmas Carol show, two upcoming productions in 2005 (The Dying Goldfish and McTeague), the show I’m writing currently (still haven’t come up with a title I like), the germ of an idea of a follow-up play, and of course Kronos Unbound (theoretically the final play Nosedive Productions will produce). I guess this is why I never get around to looking for an agent or, more importantly, a handsome middle-aged British lady of affluence to finance my plays and my life.

And last night, Pete suggested to me that the follow-up show to McTeague (yes, we talk about follow-up shows to plays scheduled to go up in the Fall of 2005) be the “musical” (yes, musical) I’ve been contemplating.

Notice I’ve said “contemplating,” not “writing” or “working on.”

On one hand, he’s made a good point (after staging two full-length dramas ostensibly “back-to-back,” our next show needs to be small, light and fun). On the other hand…


I’m in the middle of writing something else (and I ain’t about to stop). I guess we’ll have to push that off for Nosedive Production #12 (instead of #11 as planned in my head).

Also, this does mean in fact that The Not-So-Bad Day of Manny McDudeGuy (yes, the tentative title of this contemplated “musical”) needs to be written and ready for reader eyes (readers being members of Nosedive) by summer 2005. Meaning, a rough draft of the new play I’m writing right now needs to be finished before then.

Well, as I write this and contemplate Nosedive’s upcoming schedule, I’ll just say (w/r/t Manny):

We’ll see, Pete. We’ll see.

* * *

At any rate, that’s way off in the semi-far future for our company. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen our version of A Christmas Carol, you should stop by. We’ve got eggnog, we’ve got fun.

And yeah, we’ve got some razza-frazzin’ Christmas cheer.

Having to buy more eggnog and booze,

James “Christmas Present” Comtois

December 13, 2004


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