Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Legal Eagles

Despite being absent from these pages the past few weeks, I actually have been busy working on things.

Nosedive recently closed our fundraising show – Cinco de Nosedive – and landed a space for our spring play – Dying Goldfish. Cinco de Nosedive went really well, and I’m really grateful too all of the people who showed up and worked on this.

I’m also pretty excited for Dying Goldfish.

This year a number of fans-turned-designers have stepped up and offered to donate time, work and even money to keep Nosedive going for another five years, which makes me extremely proud of this company and its members, both old and new.

I have also been recently laid off from my company, due to being the company getting bought out by an even bigger conglomerate. On one hand, I won’t miss having to get up at 5:30 in the morning to wonder about the Sword of Damocles dangling over my head, this timing couldn’t have been worse (what with me both moving and producing shows). But, we will see how all this turns out. Having been only semi-employed for two solid years, then getting a full-time job for only three months, I can’t help but laugh at all this.

Okay, so that’s a bit disingenuous. I’m actually fairly depressed over all this. But that, as Jerry said, “is neither hither nor thither.”

* * *

I really need to ask, because this is just plain weird:

What is up with everyone I know going to law school?

Not that I disapprove of this idea. Hell, I’m pretty sure I’ll need all the legal help I can get (since I think I’m bound to be sued by somebody). But…I have seven friends — all of them involved in the performing arts — who have made the decision to go to law school in the past year. And these friends do not know one another.

More than a handful of people I know have decided independently to either stop their performing agenda (or at least slow it down) to go to law school.

Again, I don’t disapprove of this idea. It’s just such a weird coincidence. What’s the connection? How do you go from theatre-maker, dancer or musician to lawyer? I think I’m missing something. Is this just the natural passage of life as a creative person in the New York area and, if so, how come I feel left behind? Am I really this much out of the loop of the collective unconscious?

I guess so.


Yeah. I just wanted to bring this up. It’s become a trend with a number of people I know, and it’s honestly one I didn’t see coming.

Taking too long to write
Such a short entry,

James “That’s It?” Comtois

February 16, 2005


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