Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just Doing My Part

So, my 29th birthday was spent at a place called Enid’s in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, which was fun, since it’s a big place and it wasn’t too crowded (except until the clubbers left Warsaw and showed up). True, it’s no Raven, but then again, what is? Thanks to everyone who came out, even with the L Train not running.

Right now we here at Nosedive Central are looking for a theatre to house The Adventures of Nervous Boy (A Penny Dreadful) and our upcoming fundraiser comedy show (either the last weekend in March or the first weekend in April). We’ll keep you posted.

Also, if you haven’t already noticed, we’ve posted some more videos on this site, as well as on Nosedive’s MySpace page and on Two (well, technically three) of them are taped stage productions. The other four are…well, you’ll see. Check them out.

Now onto important stuff.

* * *

Okay, so last night I did something I had never done before. I was watching American Idol..., not that. I've done that before...

…and voted for one of the contestants.

Yeah. That’s right. I voted for Katharine McPhee.

Why? Because she’s the reason why I’ve been watching American Idol on a regular basis this time around. She is adorable, absolutely adorable. And she can sing. Very, very well. I’m smitten. Every time she’s on the screen, hearts fill in my eyes.

I’m not kidding. Stop snickering back there.

I never watched American Idol regularly. I would always have fun watching the first few episodes chronicling the auditions and seeing Simon Cowell rip the incompetents new ones. (Simon has obviously garnered a reputation for being vicious to those who audition and suck. Personally, I think he’s being far too nice to some of them.) Despite having fun with watching the dreams of arrogant tone-deaf kids get shattered, once the actual competition got underway, I would lose interest.

During this season, I did my regular watching of the audition episodes, and saw the episode where Ms. McPhee tried out. She was good. Very good. When the judges told her she was spot-on with what they were looking for, she cried.

And my heart melted.

She made me want to watch the show, since she was obviously going to be lasting long on the competition.

It’s really pathetic, I know, but now I watch the Tuesday and Thursday shows regularly (when the girls sing and when the judgments are made, respectively). I don’t watch the Wednesday shows (when the boys sing, although the gray-haired 29-year-old Taylor Hicks is pretty interesting, since he’s a good singer and much older — and older-looking — than all of the other contestants).

Of course, now I’m hooked, but conditionally. Seriously: Katharine McPhee is the only reason why I’m watching the show. I’m just waiting for her turn to sing and biding my time when the other singers do their thing. If and when she gets eliminated, I’ll stop watching.

And last night, I realized that I want to be hooked. In other words, I want her to stay on the show, so I can continue watching.

So, I dialed the number that they displayed on the screen and voted. I had to pitch in with helping her stay on TV.

Just doing my part to help, people.

I figured I could confess this to you all, since the show is so damn popular (if millions of people are watching, you don’t feel quite so guilty with your guilty-pleasure).

Next time on this space, more information about Nosedive’s upcoming shows, Part Two of my online dialogue with Mac Rogers, and why Nick should give Jessica a second chance.

Too lazy to be a stalker,

James “You Wanna Fight Me?” Comtois

March 8, 2006


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