Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Getting the Hang of This

My friend John Walsh (who designed our monkey puppets for “Jiffy Squid” and A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol) pointed out that I had erroneously stated in my last Jamespeak entry — entitled “Sit. Down!” — that The Adventures of Nervous Boy (A Penny Dreadful) would have my first on-stage appearance in any of the Nosedive shows, since I did make a…uh…“cameo” in The Awaited Visit. Thanks for pointing out my error, John. In my defense, you can understand why I didn’t count that as an on-stage debut.

We held auditions this past weekend for Nervous Boy, and Pete and I were (are) very happy with how they turned out. Many thanks to Mac for helping out with said auditions and also many thanks to Jason Green for sending some actresses our way. (And thanks to the actress friends of Jason who came to audition.)

* * *

I have to say, one of the upsides to Pete having me manage Jamespeak all on my own is that I get to post the damn entries as soon as I write them. One of the downsides, however, is that I can no longer yell, “BOISVEEEEEEEERT!” whenever the entries don’t get posted. (Yes, I am a bit crestfallen that Pierre is no longer my whipping boy. In this regard, anyway.)

Another weird concept with this blog format is that I can get away with posting more often and posting shorter entries. The problem with that is that I really don’t like posting 100-200 word entries for Jamespeak. I’m very much of the “Why bother post?” mindset. On average, the entries I’ve been posting on this site have been (on average) 1,000-1,500 words, which seem a bit too long for typical scrolling blogs.

So, this leads me to ask if I should just post on a daily basis but have said posts be in the 100-200-word category? If I get into that habit, sure, I can post every damn day, but then the odds of me taking (or having) the time to write my typical 1,500-word humorous yet scathing screed on Why People Are Morons (or some other such topic of equal importance) diminishes.

All of this rhetorical questioning is a bit disingenuous. We all know perfectly well that there’s no chance in hell that I’ll be posting on Jamespeak on a daily basis. But I’ll still try to strike some sort of balance between posting a little more often and continuing to write entries in the same length and vein as before.

(“And can you do a better job of proofreading, James?” asks the audience.

“NEVER!” replied the defiant blogger.)

Working on something more substantial,

James "Blogger of Substance" Comtois


Blogger Philucifer [aka Charlie Willis] said...

Finish the damn Rogers/Comtois exchange already . . . I got theatrical blue balls, here

10:36 AM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

Hey, I sent him the last question last week. It's all up to him now. ROGEEEEEEEEERS!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous adam said...

more jamespeak damnit

12:48 PM  

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