Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fighting and Banding Together

As you may have guessed, these next few days before The Adventures of Nervous Boy opens I'll be posting more often but posting much shorter entries. When we get up and running, I'll most likely return to my regular long-winded rants about whatever's pissing me off at the time (like those damn kids always playing on my lawn).

Qui Nguyen from Vampire Cowboys worked on the fight choreography for Nervous Boy on Monday night and…wow. This is gonna look hot.

And I’m sure glad I recommended this play being for adults only.

This week we’re in full off-book runs for the show, and I think I’m off-book for my two-minute cameo (yeah, I play a small uncredited role in this one). Now we just have to get the makeup and effects finished.

As for general discussion about the overall state of theatre in New York, I recommend taking a look over at John Clancy’s weblog. He’s a playwright, Obie award-winning director and co-founder of the NYC International Fringe Festival who’s been in the “biz” for a while (and understands the innate sad humor related to trying to have a “career” in theatre). According to his blog, he's trying to organize a new League of Independent Producers, or a new Alternative Touring Circuit, and it's gotten a number of people in the Off-off theatre world talking. I’m interested in seeing where these talks lead.

In the meantime, I need to brush up on my lines and be a shill for Nosedive a little while longer.

Heh. Did I say, “shill?” I meant “happy representative.”

Laying low in the bunker,

James “Private” Comtois


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