Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oddly treading into Nervous Boy territory...

I found this in Salon.com, a letter to the advice columnist about how to deal with his increasing hatred of humanity, and it was just too close to Nervous Boy territory to dismiss, particularly this line:

"I've never suffered fools particularly gladly, but these days I find that I can work myself into an irritable frenzy over the smallest things. People talking on their cellphones and not considering anything or anyone around them. Drivers doing 40 in the highway passing lane, then slowing down even more when they know you want to pass. Cashiers who don't even bother to thank you when you've just plunked down $300 at their store. A mother calling her kid a "lying piece of shit" in a department store. Is it just me, or are people saying and doing more outrageously stupid and ignorant things than ever before?"

Reading that this morning, I was reminded of Harlan Ellison's contention that "The world is turning into a cesspool of imbeciles!"
Cary Tennis does give the letter-writer (named "Ready for a Rooftop and an AK-47") some helpful advice, although I (like Mr. Tennis) actually sympathize(s) with him.

I should send Mr. Rooftop a copy of my script. Dunno if that'll put things in perspective for him or fast-track him towards the rooftop.

Just wanting to share,

James "Giving" Comtois


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