Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Who's Psyched to See This?

I am. I'm really pumped to see this.

They've got the guy from GWAR doing their effects. GWAR!

From writer/producer Qui Nguyen himself:

Why should you come and experience LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK?

1) Girl fights. A ton of them. 32 pieces of violence in total. And we don't mean the hair-pulling-roll-around-on-the-floor variety, we mean full-on Crouching Tiger, Kick Your Ass girl fights complete with katanas, battle axes, and spin kicks. This is one wonderfully violent show that pounds thru with Kill Billian action at its finest.

2) Zombies by Chuck Varga of GWAR. We have some of the best scary beasties on stage since . . . well, since ever. And they're funny too. And they're awesome. Really effin’ awesome.

3) This is the finest funniest crop of actors Vampire Cowboys has ever assembled. And they're hot. All of them. LIVING DEAD IN DENMARK is soaking in hotness.

4) Puppetry. And this one's really cute. It'll make you say "aw".

5) And, finally, it's just plain ol' fun. The first rule of the Vampire Cowboy manifesto is to entertain and we are delivering this in bulk. It's a blast - better than any Hollywood Blockbuster from last summer and it's live. This is theatre for the geeky-fanboy in all of us. Come on – let us be your guilty pleasure!

I'm sold.

A total geek,

James "NYAIGN!" Comtois


Anonymous Qui said...

Thanks for the plug. You're an awesome man!

And I love the blog. I'm digging the more regular posting. It's fun.


9:03 AM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

I have my moments. Hey, sure thing. I'm hoping to see this tomorrow, actually.

11:12 AM  

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