Friday, June 23, 2006


George Hunka came to see the play last night (along with Fiona Jones and Jen Gordon Thomas from Estrogenius, his wife, Joanne Tzanis and fellow playwright & theatre blogger and all-around cool guy Dan Trujillo) and wrote this about the show.

Words fail me. I’m honored, especially since Mr. Hunka’s blog is, as Mac put it, the industry standard of the theatre blogosphere. And man, I really don’t know how he does it. It takes me all freakin’ day to write something along the lines of, “Woo-hoo! See my show! Baba Booey Baba Booey!” yet he manages to write a well thought essay of quality every morning.

It was a delight going out to the bar and talking/drinking with them after the show (they all seemed to really like it, which is of course a relief). Thank you, Mr. Trujillo, for the beer, and good luck in Montana (possibly the first time I’ve ever said that sentence or anything like it). I look forward to seeing Mr. Hunka’s play, In Public, when he stages it in October.

Tonight I’m again relinquishing my cameo duties yet again so that friend, roommate, regular Nosedive actor and overall alien Christopher Yustin can play my small role (he drunkenly begged to play it one night and promised he’d give himself a Mohawk, so Pete and I said okay).

And also big thanks to friend, Backstage editor and other all-around cool guy Tom Penketh for coming to see it and coming out afterwards (to buy me an additional beer).

Trying to scam as many free beers as he can,

James “Resourceful” Comtois


Blogger Devilvet said...

The Play sounds great. I'm a chicagoan who is temporarily trasplanted to Atlanta until the my chances of getting to see it are slim to none. Any excerpts of text via pdf or anything like that to give those of us outside NYC a taste?

-The Devilvet

8:34 PM  

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