Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Slow Children in Town

The Adventures of Nervous Boy hasn’t even been closed for two weeks and I’m already plugging a new project I’m working on.

Right when the NYC International Fringe Festival Begins (or, to be specific, the day after it begins), some B.U. alum friends of mine and I are “getting the band back together,” as Elwood (or was it Jake?) Blues would say.

The original members of Slow Children at Play, the sketch comedy group I helped form in college, is reconvening to put on a free show for one night only on Saturday, August 12 at 8 p.m. at the WorkShop Theater on 312 West 36th Street, Fourth Floor (at 8th Avenue).

Not only is the show free, but we’ll also be serving beer.

For free.

That’s right. A free comedy show with free booze. Can you dig it?

My guess is yes. Yes, you can.

I’ll be sending out more details about the show as they unfold and the closer we get to the performance date.

Tomorrow I’m seeing Adam Szymkowicz’s latest, Food For Fish, which has been getting some damn fine press of late (after getting some damn fine press off his play, Nerve, staged just last month). Since I had so much fun with Nerve, despite Adam telling me this new show is completely different, I’m pretty confident I’ll have a fun time with his latest.

Already plugging more of his crap,

James “Plug n’ Run” Comtois


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