Friday, August 18, 2006

I Got Nuthin...

Well, the Fringe has been up for a week now, and I still have yet to see a single freakin' show.

It's not entirely my fault. Honest.

I tried to see Vice Girl Confidential on Wednesday, but because the Fringe doesn't let you buy tickets less than 24 hours before a show (bullshit, says I), it ended up being sold out by the time I got to the theatre. I'm going to try to see The Pumpkin Pie Show tonight, but I'm not optimistic about my chances since I can't buy tickets online (again, bullshit).

I've so far bought tickets for two shows, Air Guitar and Vice Girl Confidential, both for next Saturday. I'm going to try to see Eye Candy tomorrow, but again, I'm just going to have to show up at the door and hope I'm not waiting around indefinitely to be told I can't get in.


Yeah, I'm pretty frustrated at this. I had a list of bout six shows I was planning on seeing, and they all conflict with one another (I have a day job, so shows that take place during the weekday are out of the question). I was able to meticulously fit together a potential schedule that would allow me to see all the shows on my list, but with VGC selling out, it threw everything out of whack.

That I can't buy tickets online the day of is also an added piece of unnecessary frustration that makes me not even want to bother seeing any goddamn shows.

Who knows? I may end up only able to see the two shows next Saturday, and that being it for this year's Fringe experience for me. Gah!

The Pumpkin Pie Show better not be sold out tonight, or I'm a-gonna be pissed.

Goin' nowhere fast,

James "Shut-Out" Comtois


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