Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Not All Just Writin' 'Bout Superheroes

Since I'm holding off in writing about the script I'm working on until further notice, I figured I'd fill you in on some odds and ends in my semi-theatre-related schedule...

This was a fun little thing to notice in the Boston University alum newsletter. Granted, the writer is more than a little biased (he's one of the performers), but it was still nice to find. The original Slow Children at Play gang has been talking about getting together again (sooner than 10 years), possibly to film some of our silly-ass sketches. One of the members, Mike "Freak" Coleman, has been making some noise about having our next show be in Vegas. Hey, why not?

* * *

Abby Marcus from the Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company called me recently to ask me back to participate in their second annual Revamped show, which I found quite flattering (I guess they liked my contribution from last year).

Oddly enough, she told me the theme of this year's show, which turned out to be the central theme of a short play I wrote earlier this year. I know: what are the freakin' odds?

I'll most likely present them with a 10-minute excerpt of this 40-minute play, so I'm hoping she and Qui dig it.

* * *

On Saturday, I met with Martin Denton to go over the details of The Adventures of Nervous Boy's inclusion of Plays and Playwrights 2007, which was nice because it gave me the sense that this is actually going to happen. He gave me all the details about the project and everything seems very straightforward (I mean, let's face it. Anyone who's ever met Martin or read his site knows he's not a guy out to scam anyone; quite the opposite, in fact). It looks as though the book will be coming out sooner than I had previously thought (I was thinking sometime in June of 2007, but the target date is February of 2007), which was also a nice thing to learn.

In addition to all the details about the upcoming book at the meeting, Mr. Denton also gave me a copy of the 2006 edition to peruse. In the back of the anthology is a fairly comprehensive list of the shows that went up in New York from late-2004 to mid-2005 and whadda ya know? Both A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol and Dying Goldfish are in there! I do realize that this may be the lamest reason to be excited, but hey; in the land of self-produced Off-off Broadway playwriting, you absolutely take whatever perks you can get.

I sent Mr. Denton my most recent draft of the script as well as the permissions agreement yesterday. The editing process is slated to begin in October, so I'll no doubt blather on about more details of this process as they unfold.

After my meeting with Mr. Denton, I joined Nosedive Central in celebrating Mr. Pete Boisvert's 30th birthday, which was a super-fun time, as virtually everyone in attendance got decidedly pie-faced.

Wow. For such a lazy guy, I sure do sound busy!

Having his secretary hold all his calls,

James "Those Creditors Can Wait!" Comtois


Blogger Freeman said...

Don't sweat Martin at all...he's totally on the up and up and the book will be great. One of my plays is in the 2002 book and it was nothing but a positive experience. Go get em!

4:51 PM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

Oh, I know. Did I give the impression that I was sweating Martin or worried about the project? I hope not; I've known he's a good guy, and my meeting with him and Rochelle was quite invigorating. I'm psyched about this, not worried at all. Anyway, thanks, Matt!

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Steph said...

I don't know about 'pie-faced', but definitely 'cake-faced'. Tee-Hee!

2:55 PM  

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