Friday, September 08, 2006

On My Way Back

I'm almost back to civilization.

(Well, New Hampshire actually, so not really.)

I'll be returning to the Glorious Rotten Apple on Saturday, where I plan to drink the case of blueberry beer I've smuggled over state lines.

Vacation in Maine was great, although I have next-to-nothing to report. I did damn near nothing, aside from eat like a pig, drink like a fish, and mix metaphors like a metaphor-mixing animal.

Okay, that's a bit disingenuous. I did see two movies (Little Miss Sunshine and Woody Allen's latest, Scoop. I liked them both, although it should surprise no one that I found the former to be much more impressive than the latter), blinked at the news that Steve "Croc Hunter" Irwin died and started work on a new play.

I don't want to give away too many details on the new play yet, as it's very much in its germ state right now. I'm just hoping I can finish the fucker (as Joshua James would say) before I psyche myself out (something I am known for doing).

As soon as it's in a more skeletal form, I'll feel more comfortable blathering away about it.

I will say that I'm kinda happy with what I've written so far. That could of course all change after writing the next page.

Very soon (i.e., probably this upcoming week), I'll be making an announcement of a new side-project that Nosedive (and I) is (am) tangentially related to. As soon as I get a few more nuts n' bolts details from Pete, I'll let you know what all the fuss is about, dear reader.

Okay. I need to head over to the UHaul center in Derry, NH to pick up a truck (my sister wants to transport a desk and dresser back to New York). I'll natter more on Monday.

At any rate, I figured I'd check in a bit earlier than scheduled and say hello. Also, congratulations, Dan Trujillo and happy (early) birthday, Matt Johnston!

Still drunk on blueberry beer,

James "Tastes Like Freakin'
Blueberries, People!" Comtois


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