Friday, October 06, 2006

Odds & Ends Before The Three- (Er, One-) Day Weekend

Pete and Patrick are diligently working on The Blood Brothers Present: An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror, which is now a little under two weeks away. The two of them are taking tomorrow off from rehearsing to set up their "blood lab," tinkering with all the blood effects needed for the show. Pete’s shown me some of the "toys" he's acquired for his show, which convinces me that this is definitely going to be some fun for those who don’t have weak stomachs. Ah, those crazy kids…

I suspect that the bulk of the entries on Jamespeak next week will be almost exclusively about the Grand Guignol show and its status as we approach opening night. You can (and should) buy advanced tickets for it here.

Over in Blog-O-Land, Andrew Eglinton, the former editor of Desperate Curiosity has opened a new blog: The London Theatre Blog. Its title is pretty self-explanatory, I think. You’ll note its addition to the blogroll below (as well as the addition of Laura Axelrod’s Gasp! Journal).

Tomorrow I actually have to go to work. Yes, work. I had always thought that one of the perks (hell, the only perk) of having a nine-to-five day job is that I wouldn't have to work on Saturdays. But this time I do; there's a big convention coming up that my paper covers, therefore we're doing a double-issue that requires us to work six days this week. I also have to work on Monday, so where most people have a three-day weekend in store for themselves, I have a one-day weekend. Sigh…

Anyway, for all of you who are not me, have a good weekend.

Still treating tonight like it's Friday night,

James "Make It A Double" Comtois


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