Friday, October 20, 2006

Ole-Timey Bloodfest

Last night was the opening night of The Blood Brothers Present: An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror, and I must say I was impressed. This is most definitely not for the squeamish — as in, wwwwow is this not for the squeamish — but rather some good old-fashioned fun with bloodletting.

We're all hoping that this show can take advantage of some positive word-of-mouth for its very limited (only five shows left, folks!) run.

Many thanks to all who could make it for the opening of this show. I'm very curious to see a.) How the reviews are for this and b.) How the rest of the turnout is.

At any rate, congratulations to the Blood Brothers gang, the new splinter group of Nosedive. You boys did me proud!

On a side and unrelated note, if you turn to today's issue of The New York Times you'll see that Neil Genzlinger has come up with the four species of political theatre that are made. Rather than do yet another one of my obnoxious rants about this subject (and I think I've just about yammered away at the subject to death), I'll just point out that Mr. Genzlinger pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Anyway, hope you guys can catch the show. I'll natter on at you about something on Monday.

Keeping his stick on the ice,

James "Skipper" Comtois


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