Monday, November 06, 2006

Pictures and a Review

My Internet connection is running slower than usual today, which means rather than give myself added grief and frustration of trying to post a 1,000-word entry and not have it get posted, I'll be making this one short n' sweet until I can figure out just what the hell is wrong with said connection.

Pete just posted the photos for The Blood Brothers Present: An Evening of Grand Guignol Horror up on Nosedive's site, which look very cool. You can check them out here.

Also, Hunter College's The WORD posted a very nice review about the show (and the company) here.

And I guess with that, we'll be putting the subject of the Grand Guignol show to bed. The next few entries will be about the upcoming shows I'm involved in (both Friday Night Fight Club and Revamped) as well as progress on the next Nosedive play, Suburban Peepshow, which should go up sometime in March.

In the meantime, check out the pictures and the review.

The eye candy of the theatre blogosphere,

James "Delicious" Comtois


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