Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tortillas and Superheroes

"Circo Pelear" is now just three days away, and I think (hope) we're ready with our piece ("The Day it Snowed Tortillas," based on a story told by Santa Fe-based storyteller Joe Hayes). Now, as to whether or not we're ready to perform "Captain Moonbeam and Lynchpin" for REVAMPED: The Superhero Diaries by November 19 is another story. Fortunately, we've still got some time for that (10 days).

Actually, I'm just being paranoid. Rehearsals for "Moonbeam" have been going very well (which, of course, is what makes me paranoid).

And Pete just made up this e-flyer for the REVAMPED show.

Pretty cool, huh?

Still giddy about the election results,

James "FWEEEEEEEEE!!" Comtois


Anonymous Steph said...

That is a great flyer. Sorry again I was out of town. Had to see the hubby.

10:33 AM  

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