Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nosedive’s Holiday Party and Sideshow

Hello, cats and kittens. Little Jimmy Comtois from Nosedive Productions here, wanting to let you know that on Saturday, December 16, Nosedive is throwing a fundraising holiday party!

We are doing this for two reasons.

The first is to offer merriment and joy.

The second is to raise some funds for our upcoming winter/spring play, Suburban Peepshow.

In addition to serving food, booze and holiday merriment, we will be showing the newly cut DVD of The Adventures of Nervous-Boy (Woo-hoo!) as well as bizarre comedy geek show acts performed by the members of Nosedive (Uh...what...?).

Obviously, we need your help, and not just financial help. We’ve got quite a lot of booze and actually can’t drink it all ourselves (seriously, we’ve tried).

Below are the details.

Your personal Santa,

James “Biggest ‘Ho’” Comtois

* * *

WHAT: Nosedive’s Holiday Party and Sideshow

WHEN: Saturday, December 16 from 8 p.m. until dawn

WHERE: East Williamsburg: 162 Manhattan Ave. between Scholes and Meserole, 3rd Floor.

HOW: Take the L to Montrose. Use the exit near the middle of the train and exit using the stairs to your Right. Continue on down Montrose towards Humbolt Street. Turn right onto Manhattan Ave. We are on the right side of the street 2 blocks in.

HOW (MUCH): $5 cover, $2 beers and $1 Jell-O shots.


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