Thursday, January 11, 2007

Closing In

Pete, Steph, Becky and I (a.k.a. Nosedive Central minus Patrick, who's working diligently on the sound for Dan Trujillo and Isaac Butler's Talk of the Walk-Up) looked at a theatre space last night to house our upcoming production of Suburban Peepshow. We all liked it enough to give the manager a tentative "yes." So, we are 95-99% certain in locking this space down for my silly-ass comedy. I'll announce the venue on this site as soon as we give them the down payment (which we should do in the next couple of days).

As always, this is a huge relief, since locking down a space is not just the first step in getting the show produced, but really the first five steps, since everything else (casting, scheduling, promotion) is all predicated on when and where the damn thing is being shown.

Again, since we haven't given them the check yet, I'll refrain from saying where and when we'll be performing Suburban Peepshow until said check is delivered.

Tonight I'm off to Center Stage to see Spare Change Productions's staging of Michael Puzzo's play, The Dirty Talk, which was a fun read (it’s in Martin Denton's Plays & Playwrights 2006). Let's see how it fares on its feet as a staged production (considering Martin based a good part of his decision to publish it on the production and considering that this is the same cast reprising their roles from the 2006 production, I'm working under the assumption that it will fare quite well).

Naively optimistic,

James "Gloomsmith" Comtois

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Anonymous Stolen Chair said...

tee hee tee hee, i know the name of the mysterious'll be our secret, james, but only if you go buy your ticket for KILL ME... :)

does blackmail have a special name in the blogosphere?

12:50 AM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

Heh, I think blackmail's called blackmail all I guess I need to buy my ticket pretty damn fast.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The space has been locked, but I'll let Jimmy make the official announcement...

1:49 PM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

And the cat, ladies and germs, is now out of the proverbial bag...

1:56 PM  

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