Monday, January 08, 2007

January Preview

Damn, don't you theatre people let up? I guess not. I looked at the calendar and there is a slew of shows going on this month, many of which I'm planning on seeing (or at least hoping to see).

For those of you who have already seen Blue Coyote's The Standards of Decency Project (which closes tonight) and still want to pack your January with more shows, here's a small list of plays on my radar (and therefore should be on yours):

Kill Me Like You Mean It. The Stolen Chair Theatre Company presents an absurdist film noir for the stage by Kiran Rikhye (The Man Who Laughs). This is the second installment in their "CineTheatre Tetralogy." January 5-27 at The Red Room.

The Fever. Wallace Shawn performs in his 1991 one-man show about an unnamed sick and guilty man in a hotel room in an unnamed country undergoing a revolution. January 9 - March 3 at the Acorn Theatre (Theatre Row).

TASTE: A Reading Series Of New Plays. Ken Urban's Committee Theatre presents a reading series of three new plays by Crystal Skillman, Caridad Svich and Mr. Urban. January 11-16 at the Linhart Theater at 440 Studios.

The Dirty Talk. Spare Change Productions remounts Padraic Lillis's 2006 staging of Michael Puzzo's comedy (which was published in Martin Denton's Plays & Playwrights 2006) about two men stranded in a hunting cabin during a storm. These men are not here merely by happenstance but rather by a purposefully misguided Internet chat room connection. January 14 - February 4 at Center Stage.

Party Discipline. The Subjective Theatre Company presents "A Political Transformation Seminar." Let's see where this takes us. January 17 - February 2 at the Asian American Writers' Workshop.

Talk of The Walk-Up. Isaac Butler directs Dan Trujillo's freestyle verse play about a tyrannical apartment superintendent, a demented runaway and their bad, bad thing. Featuring Betsy Johnson, Daryl Lathon, Heather Lind, Scott Olmstead, James Prendergast, Ronica V. Reddick and Mac Rogers. Live sound design by Nosedive's own Patrick Shearer. January 21-23 at manhattantheatresource.

So there you have it. I'm sure there are many, many more plays going up in the Rotten Apple this month, but these are the ones that have come to my immediate attention. If you have something going on this month in the city, by all means feel free to plug it in the comments section below.

Happy play going!

Ready to see some theatre,

James "Fancypants" Comtois


Anonymous Stolen Chair said...

thanks for the plug mister comtois...

we were at 100% of fire-code capacity opening weekend so i encourage your loyal readership to go purchase their tix immediately at

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Tim Errickson said...

Hey James, you might also want to check out a reading of TEEN PARTY MASSACRE: The Musical (by Justin R.G. Holcomb and John D. Ivy) this weekend, if you have any time in your sched...Jan 11-13 at 8pm at 245 W 29th Street, 4th floor. Looks like tons of fun.
Keep up the good work!

11:08 AM  
Blogger Jamespeak said...

Sure thing, Jon. And thanks for the head's up, Tim!

I'm curious to see just how many of these shows I manage to see...I'm hoping Stolen Chair's show isn't sold out this weekend and really hope that Talk of the Walk-Up has space available (since it only runs three nights).

I saw Wallace Shawn's performance of The Fever last night (and am currently writing my assessment on it), so that's one down.

1:26 PM  
Blogger IdWizard said...

And yes, thanks for the plug Mr. Comtois!

It used to be that January was a great time to produce since nothing else was going on - but shit - look at all this good stuff! I hope to hit them all too, let me know when you are going...

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Stolen Chair said...

saturday night is sold out, but tomorrow (friday the 12th) should have a few tix left at the door...

12:53 AM  

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