Thursday, January 04, 2007

Settling Into The New

Now that I've finished my Top Ten of 2006 (and congratulations to all who are on the list and to those who weren't, fear naught, you still have my love) and we're starting to recover from our holiday hangovers and accepting the fact that it's now 2007, it looks as though it's Back To Work, Full Speed Ahead. (Although to be fair, my shcedule isn't nearly as full as Ms. Lemoult’s. She's really going Full Speed Ahead.)

Here's a small sample of what’s going on in Little Jimmy’s world this month, both directly and tangentially…

Nosedive is closing in on finding a space (we have a few options) for our next show, Suburban Peepshow, and the folks at Nosedive Central are meeting sometime this week to figure out our next plan of attack. As soon as we know what’s happening with the status of our follow-up to The Adventures of Nervous-Boy and The Blood Brothers Present, so will you, dear reader. So will you.

On top of that, I'm dancing as fast as I can with this damn superhero play (which is becoming this monumental project that may take considerably more time than I had expected). It's definitely fun to write, but it's definitely going to take a long-ass time to come up with anything close to resembling a readable first draft. All I can say is patience, Young Padawaans, patience.

(If you're really, really lucky, I just may post another random scene up on this page some time in the not-too-distant future. I know, be still your beating heart.)

Mr. Isaac Butler over at Parabasis has tagged me with another one of those memes, this time, asking the recipient to write five things that his or her readers couldn't or wouldn’t know about them. I'm working on that, trying to come up with anything even remotely interesting that I'm fine with you dear readers knowing about.

I've just bought my ticket for the first play I'm to see for the year: Wallace Shawn’s one-man show, The Fever, to be performed by Mr. Shawn himself. I'm checking that out over at The Acorn Theatre on Tuesday. Considering this is a show by one of my favorite plays (I saw a production of it performed by Bryan K. Brown that made my "Top Ten of 2004" list) by one of my personal all-time favorite playwrights (and I'm still upset that I missed the production of The Designated Mourner directed by Andre Gregory), I really couldn't be more pleased.

Although this has nothing to do with me directly, I want to extend congratulations to Matthew Freeman and the rest of the folks at Blue Coyote for extending The Standards of Decency Project an additional week. It closes this Monday so if you didn't get a chance to see it the first time around, definitely check it out. To get $15 discounted tickets for tonight and tomorrow, use the discount code "VJAJAY" here.

And for those of you with some downtime at work, I recommend checking out Mr. Joshua James's New Years Resolutions on the Daily Dojo. I for one really can’t stop going back and giggling like an idiot over some of them (particularly his one concerning The View). Check it out. It's some funny, funny stuff.

Finally, I'm hoping to soon do another online dialogue with another member of the Off-off theatre world in the first quarter of 2007, like the one I did with Mr. Mac Rogers. I'm only in the preliminary stages of preparing for it, but like with everything else, I'll let you all know how that's coming along.

Anyway, welcome back everybody. I'm off to work on that above-mentioned meme.

Ready for the weekend despite
having taken so much time off,

James "Pampered Idiot" Comtois


Blogger P'tit Boo said...

I wish I could see your work !
one day, one day ..... *sigh*

go 2007, go !

3:49 PM  
Blogger Joshua James said...

Time is tight for everyone these days, but I'd like to dialogue with ya as well about theatre and whatnot - hopefully an opportunity will present itself in the coming year - and thanks for the shout-out!

4:36 PM  

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