Friday, February 02, 2007

Drinkin' Ourselves Stoopid

To give everyone a heads-up about Nosedive Central's upcoming shenanigans, Nosedive Productions will have its fundraising comedy show and party on Saturday, February 24 in the EAT Studio Space on 311 West 43rd Street, 5th Floor (between 8th and 9th avenues).

(Yes, it's in the same location as Good Night, And Get Laid, but not in the theatre itself. You'll see.)

We haven't yet picked a time or a title, but as is the case with all of these shows, it's $20, and all you can drink, all night long.

All the money will go to funding our April show, Suburban Peepshow.

I'll offer more details as they unfold. In the meantime, keep yer stick on the ice and have a good weekend, folks.

Done with this week like a rash,

James "Tingly" Comtois

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Anonymous jon said...

hmmm...stolen chair is either throwing our "unfundraiser" on the 23rd or the 24th. i suppose this is a compelling reason to choose the former...

2:48 PM  

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