Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Onion: Movies on the Big or Small Screen?

Onion Av Club film critics Noel Murray and Scott Tobias debate over whether it's better or even necessary to watch and appreciate films in movie theatres (as opposed to on television sets). I've been debate this idea in my head for a while now, although truth be told the last few times I've gone to the movie theatre I haven't experienced the oft-repeated nightmare scenarios of other patrons treating the theatre like their own living room.

(Well, that's not entirely true. When I went to go see Renaissance I had to tell some confused couple speaking at full volume - rather sternly - to shut up. But since they did, and I felt mildly guilty for being so blunt and harsh about it, it was hardly a nightmare scenario.)

Anyway, check it out.

Taking his pants off at movie theatres,

James "Comfy Patron" Comtois

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Anonymous Steph said...

Can you tell I am catching up on blog world today?

I read the article and they both put up some good points, but I really did want to hear the answer to the question - what movie would you see on the big screen vs. small screen. I mean, Noel did say that it didn't matter, but then what besides having children and such, really drew him away from really going to the movies? I guess he sort of answered that as well - with having crappy theatre and sounds like he is tired a lot, but I have married friends with kids who talk abou the good old days of going to see a movie in a theatre.

I am of the sort that if the movie boasts great visuals and sound, I want to see it in the theatre (like 300 which is about to come out), but a lot of dramas and some comedies - I can wait and watch at home. Although, some movies - like Jackass (yeah, yeah, I know), is a hoot and a half in the theatre - just for those audience reactions.

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