Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scattershot Entry From A Cranky Playwright

This entry is going to be short, because right now I'm bogged down with a lot of identity theft nonsense: some fuckhead used my debit card number to spend $500 at Home Depot, leaving me in a bit of a financial bind until my bank can sort everything out and get me my money refunded. Patrick had pointed out that there was a chance that I had “drunk bought” a table saw, but since there's nary a table saw to be found in my apartment, it's probably not the case.

Yeah, I'm pretty fucking thrilled about all of this. Or should I write:



* * *

In general update news, Mr. Mac Rogers has sent in his first draft of a curtain raiser we'll be using for the opening of Suburban Peepshow. It's a ten-minute piece called "Trailers," a parody of...well...movie trailers that had us here at Nosedive Central laughing quite a bit after reading it. It looks to be a great way to warm up the audience for the silliness that will ensue. I'm looking forward to people seeing it.

It's looking like our February 24 fundraiser show will be another late-night event (we'll most likely open the doors at 10 p.m. and start the show around 11 p.m.).

We're still thinking of a title for it. I still suggest to the crew we go with, Hey, Wanna Make it With a He-Bitch? – Nosedive's Annual Fundraiser, but I'm guessing that the folks in the Nosedive Gestapo are going to yet again shoot my idea down (Nazi bastards).

Whatever we call it, we're pretty sure it'll be fun and funny.

Anyway, that's what's going on over here at Nosedive Productions.

I gotta get back on the phone with my bank to yell some more.

Trying to get his money back,

James "GAAAHH!" Comtois

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Blogger Adam said...

someone took 300 dollars out of my checking account somehow this week. in CA. they knew my pin. crazy.

6:26 PM  

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