Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blurbs and Assessments

Yesterday, I had asked a couple of the folks at Nosedive Central to come up with a couple sentences/blurbs about Suburban Peepshow describing in their own words the more serious or philosophical elements of the show to help me rewrite the program notes. Since I've rewritten the notes to my liking and didn't use everything that the crew gave me, I figured I'd share with you their blurbs/assessments of the show.

One of the things we've realized is that, although yes, this play is a full-on flat-out comedy catering to the lowest-common denominator, we do flatter ourselves into thinking there's at least some "there" there.

So, here's what the gang has come up with:


"The failing of a norm in society; that of two people marrying and staying faithful and together for the rest of their lives.

"The horror of complacency that is the middle class life or even that of just corporate America (in suburbia or otherwise - middle America, etc.) The robots creating robots, creating robots....

"Every so often, we need something to shake us awake - from a carnie barker to a chubby guy dancing. (OK, that might be speaking to the humor more.)"


"The alienation caused by the cookie-cutter lifestyle of the suburban family and the rat race of the corporate work environment.

"The ennui of a steady sexual partner vs. the fantasy of an affair (which comes up in many different contexts).

"Forming a new identity to disguise yourself/pass in the corporate world/escape your family, etc."


"Suburban Peepshow is both a play AND a satire of that same play simultaneously. It goes looking for the kernel of truth at the center of all the clich├ęs surrounding both the nuclear family and theatre itself. And because there's a little truth at the base of every joke, it uses comedy as its mining tool."

Well put, guys!

Although now that I'm thinking of it...crap. Some of you folks reading this may be under the false impression that I've written an intelligent and thoughtful script with deep meaning that will make audiences think. Rest assured, dear reader: nothing could be further from the truth.

I'm really looking forward to folks seeing this. Get your tickets here.

Giddy as a schoolgirl,

James "Pert" Comtois

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