Monday, March 12, 2007

Mortgage Fraud and Pandas

I am indeed back from San Diego, where I had to go for work to attend a conference on mortgage fraud. I'm not kidding. I now know more about mortgage fraud than I ever thought possible.

Fortunately, I did have enough down time from the conference to wander around San Diego, which is a gorgeous city (it was 70 degrees and cloudless the whole time I was there). I also managed to go to the San Diego Zoo. The tiger exhibit was a bust, but the giraffes and pandas rocked. As did the monkeys. I like monkeys.

With a little luck, I'll post a few pictures (although I need to warn you that I can't take pictures worth a damn).

Now that I'm back, I have about 10,000 words or so to transcribe for work all while getting ready for Suburban Peepshow. According to Pete, rehearsals have been going well in my absence, and they've managed to block everything except my scenes, which we'll get working on tomorrow.

Tickets for Suburban Peepshow will be on sale very soon.

For now, I need to get reacclimated to my daily New York routine. I'll be writing more substantial posts later in the week.

Harassin' the pandas,

James "Mortgage Boy" Comtois



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