Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

We folks at Nosedive Central just had a pretty jam-packed weekend, starting with celebrating Steph and Patrick's birthdays on Friday, continuing with going to see Vampire Cowboys's latest play, Men of Steel (about which I will be writing for my next entry) and going to Stone Soup's fundraiser party on Saturday and concluding with recording self-made music for Suburban Peepshow on Sunday, a recording session that proves that we may all in Nosedive in fact be legally retarded. Either that or we're geniuses of Chopin's level.

History will decide.

Though seriously, folks; we're getting pretty psyched for you to see Suburban Peepshow. It should be a whole lot of fun (at least, it's a whole lot of fun for us making it).

Even though it was a simultaneously drunky and productive weekend (actually, I think every productive weekend for Nosedive involved copious amounts of alcohol), I have to join in with Isaac and Matt that I am not a fan of St. Patrick's Day (and yes, this is coming from a professional drinker); I'm pretty much unable to drink at any of my favorite (hell, even all of my not-so-favorite and downright despised) bars because they are all mobbed elbows-to-asses with drunken and hostile little green-clad muppets. New Year's Eve isn't this obnoxious (there's at least a sense of merriment and fun with New Year's).

Actually, Mr. Freeman says it best:

"Essentially, the city turns into a frat house. It's joyless and chaotic, like New Year's Eve, only prejudiced."

Well said.

Anyway, my review of Men of Steel will be up either later this evening or tomorrow, depending on how much I get done today.

Having nothing against leprechauns,

James "Part Scottish" Comtois

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