Monday, April 30, 2007


The double-bill of Trailers and Suburban Peepshow has now gone off to that Great Production in the Sky (Production #14 for Nosedive Productions). For some reason this run - which was four weeks - seemed to absolutely fly by. I had a whole lot of fun writing this show and seeing it get staged (actually, the entire cast and crew had a whole lot of fun doing this show). We all whooped it up on Saturday night (until Sunday afternoon), but of course the gang is now engaging in the obligatory post-show depression.

On the upside, this means I have more time to wrap up all the loose threads in the rough draft of the superhero play I've been writing since...Good Lord, September! Have I really been dragging my feet on this project for this long?

(Note to self: Christ, Comtois, enough is enough. Finish the fucker already!)

Thanks again to everyone involved in this production. To paraphrase the late, great Mr. Wesley Willis, you rocked the werewolf's ass.

In the "other random news" department, Martin Denton has asked Pete and I to join's summer reviewing squad. I'll be attending the orientation session this evening.

Well, wait. I'm finishing up writing the superhero play over the next couple of weeks and reviewing for Martin over the next couple months, just in time to prep for Blood Brothers in October and Christmas Carol in December.

So much for downtime after the show, I guess.

No time for post-show depression,

James "Dancin' Fool" Comtois

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