Monday, April 02, 2007

Tired of mundane tasks and witless patter?

Has dinner with the family lost its luster?

Have your dishtowels gotten a little ragged?

Work in an oppressive institution that spells impending doom for your soul?

Are your co-workers running around willy-nilly spreading sickness and filth?

Is the new girl at the office giving you the eye?

Do you think your pool guy and therapist are trying to get in your pants?

Wish you could run off and join the carnival to escape your dreary life?

Have you ever admitted to yourself that Major League II just doesn't compare to the original?

We've got the show for you.

Suburban Peepshow

Sex. Violence. Adultery. Lavish Costumes.

Existential Dilemmas. Wee-Wee Jokes.


Just like the movies. Only better.

Every Thursday through Saturday night in April at 8 p.m. at the Red Room.

Buy tickets here.

Spreading sickness and filth,

James "Willy-Nilly" Comtois

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Anonymous Joshua James said...

Hey James,

Break a leg tomorrow . . . my spring schedule has been just maddeningly crazy and full, so it's gonna be tough for me to make it (or hardly anyone's show) and please accept my apologies in advance if I am not able to see the show . . .

Hope it kicks ass!

12:34 PM  

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