Friday, May 25, 2007

Bugs and Barbecues

Although I know the movie can't compare to the visceral experience of seeing the play, I still plan on seeing William Friedkin's film version of Tracy Letts's play Bug at some point. The reviews have been mixed, but I've noticed that they all make the movie sound pretty gosh-darned faithful to the play and that the movie is pretty intense.

It is a bit weird, though, that they keep touting that Bug is directed by the guy who made The Exorcist and The French Connection. The thing is, Friedkin hasn’t stopped making movies. He's been working ever since then, just making mediocre hack jobs (The Hunted in 2003, Rules of Engagement in 2000, Jade in 1995). There's something vaguely depressing about having only two movies pointed out as worthwhile on a long resume and even more depressing that those two movies were made more than 30 years ago.


I've finished up all my work for the week at my day job and am hoping to cash in on the office's offer of early release, so I'll be heading out soon. I'm not going to be doing any work on Colorful World for a little while now, although I know some of the spots I want to fix. Still, it's time to just sit on it for a bit and enjoy the three-day weekend.

Enjoy your Memorial Day, folks.

Crashing barbecues,

James "Yeah, I'm With…That Guy" Comtois

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