Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Impending Theatrical Blogging Event

It appears as though I will be participating in this this Sunday...

The Brick Theater, Inc. presents

The Impending Theatrical Blogging Event


The Pretentious Festival

Tickets are FREE!

Sunday, June 3 at 9 p.m.

At The Brick Theater

The New York community of Theater Bloggers blog about blogging as a theatrical event, live, at The Brick Theater or anonymously at a undisclosed locations. Audience members are encouraged to join the blogosphere conversation on laptops provided at the theater for this event. Experience a conversation about the current state of theater and the web from some of the city’s sharpest writers and artists. Live and online at the same time!

Announced participants include:

• Aaron Riccio for Theater Talk, That Sounds Cool and metaDRAMA
• Ian W. Hill for Collisionworks
• Mark Armstrong for Mr. Excitement News
• Isaac Butler for Parabasis
• Jaime for Surplus
• James Comtois for Jamespeak
• Leonard Jacobs for The Clyde Fitch Report
• Ludlow Lad for Off-Off Blogway
• Matthew Freeman for On Theatre and Politics
• Moxie the Maven
• Rocco for What's Good/What Blows in NY Theatre
• The Playgoer

...and (as the kids say) Many More!

For reservations, visit

Hoping there'll be free wine,

James "I Blog Better When I'm Drunk" Comtois

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