Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Wrap-Up

I’ve just handed in my review for the Gallery Players’ production of Bury Him to Martin and am hoping to leave work a little earlier than usual. Considering I have only one assignment left and it’ll be done within the next 15 minutes, I’m thinking that’s a fair trade.

Pete and Patrick gave me, Mac and Qui a PDF of their selected Tales From the Crypt stories for us to peruse and adapt for the stage for October’s Blood Brothers Present: An Evening of Pulp Horror, which I just finished re-reading. Talk about a walk down Memory Lane. I haven’t given any of these stories/comics any thought since I was in high school (jr. high?), but at the time I was into E.C. Comics’ macabre tales, I must’ve read each of them about a dozen times.

I’ve mentally dog-eared the one I think I can sink my proverbial teeth into and have let Pete and Patrick know. I’ve also handed in a bookend piece, called “Metaphor,” which they’ll mull over to see if it’s appropriate for the evening.

What’s on my agenda for this weekend? Well, I’m going to take a few days off from playgoing to just goof off with some of the folks at Nosedive Central. My next scheduled play to see is Ian W. Hill’s Hamlet on Tuesday, so it’s not like I’m taking a real hiatus from playgoing.

And…ah-ha! I’m done my one assignment. I’m off like a prom dress. Have a good weekend, folks.

Mixing his metaphors,

James “Biff” Comtois

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