Thursday, June 14, 2007

Required Reading: Tony/Tony

Go read this from Mr. Matthew Freeman. It's a bit about the disparity between watching the Tonys and watching the final episode of The Sopranos, but he's really talking about the difference between methods of distribution.

He writes:

"How does [The Sopranos] reach 11 million people and cultivate a fan base? How does it speak to so many people? How come a kid in the middle of Kentucky and I, living in Brooklyn, can have precisely the same experience with this television program? Technology. Revenue streams.

"Theatre, by its nature, cannot do this. Theatre is performed live. It is performed in certain locations at certain times. Videotape it and e-mail it to a friend and you are not, actually, experiencing it as Theatre. Theatre reaches fewer people. That is not an indication of its quality, it is an indication of its nature."

Exactly so, Matthew. Exactly so.

Go read it. Then go see his show.

In a rush to meet up with the folks at Nosedive Central to see Robert & Qui's show,

James "I'll Come Up With Some Sort Of Clever Nickname Tomorrow" Comtois

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