Friday, July 06, 2007

Sunday July 8 gathering - AEA Showcase Reform

From the Coalition for Code Reform...

Sunday, July 8, 6pm-8pm

A community gathering in support of

AEA Showcase Reform

Classic Stage Company

136 E. 13th Street (between 3rd/4th avenues)

Join the conversation and help build a stronger, more united Off-Off community.

Stop by for 5 minutes or an hour

Learn about the ART/NY White Paper on AEA Showcase Reform

Meet Off-Off-Broadway organizations united in support of code reform

Sign the petition (if you haven't yet done so at

Show that the broad and diverse membership of the Off Off Broadway community -- actors, producers, directors, designers -- welcomes a new approach to code reform, one that sidesteps the culture of complaint to articulate points of mutual benefit for actors and producers.

An Off-Off-Broadway that gains the flexibility to operate at its full potential will be the foundation of a theater community at large that is artistically and economically healthy.

Learn more at

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