Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Generic Update

Sorry I've been kinda quiet these past couple of days. I've really just been super-busy with script-writing (it just dawned on me that I actually have to write six -- SIX! -- scripts before the end of the year) and prepping for my week-long Maine vacation starting Saturday. So yes, next week, I'll be even more absent from these pages.

As I write the pilot episode for my entry in Vampire Cowboys's upcoming Saturday Night Saloon (which begins in September), Pete and Patrick are going over the final preproduction details for The Blood Brothers Present: An Evening of Pulp Horror, which opens Thursday, October 11 at the 78th Street Theatre Lab.

I'm very curious to see who will be the lucky (poor?) soul who has to direct my pieces.

Anyway, I'm stalling enough as it is. I really should get this freakin' script finished before Friday. I may be back to blather about something tomorrow. We shall see.

Dragging his feet,

James "Ditherer" Comtois

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