Friday, August 17, 2007

Thank You, Miss Snyder!

Mac just brought this to our attention from Miss Lauren Snyder, who has written very nice things about both The Adventures of Nervous-Boy and Suburban Peepshow.

Thanks, Laurie! This really means a lot.

It's also nice to see that Mac doesn't seem particularly offended that he's seen as a Nosedivian.

Patrick warned Mac that we've adopted him against his will. Mind you, this isn't out of love for Mr. Rogers or anything.

We just need to claim as many dependents as possible on our taxes.

Grinning like an idiot,

James "Giddy Little Theatrical Schoolboy" Comtois



Blogger Lauren said...

You're welcome - and thank you for considering me a "bud" and/or a "co-conspirator" on your blogroll. I'm always up for a little conspiring.

10:39 PM  

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